An overview of innovative customer projects

  • Platform-as-a-Service

    Realization of a Platform-as-a-Service for fail-safe and scalable enterprise applications in a hybrid cloud for rapid development and short-term deployment of existing and new applications. The full life cycle of an application can be orchestrated in self-service or integrated via API into existing, automated processes. The use of any programming languages, tools, frameworks, databases, backend systems and even operating systems is provided.

  • Developer Ecosystem / 3rd Party Enabling

    Development of a comprehensive offer for service providers in the SME segment for rapid and flexible integration of telecommunications services. All necessary tools for integration into enterprise applications and social networking services and their quality assurance up to the mobile device are provided to the developer. The product offer will be communicated as Community Developer Garden.

  • Machine-to-Machine Platform-as-a-Service

    Conceptual design of a comprehensive M2M PaaS offer for service providers in the SME segment for the instant realization of versatile and flexible M2M solutions by integrating own telecommunication services (M2M Service Platform) with the M2M supply chain consisting of chip manufacturers, module manufacturers, technology equipment manufacturers, device manufacturers, platform providers and application providers. All necessary tools for the implementation of tracking, monitoring and controlling applications are provided to the developers. A transparent and optimized access to the equipment for reading through to software management is offered.

  • Machine Tool Design / Micro Production

    For developing new product ideas, the approach of Product Service Systems is applied, which is a kind of integral combination of products and services. The complexity of high-tech products in micro production technology makes it difficult for the customer making full use of the provided functionality. A joint planning and development as well as the delivery and utilisation of products and services can increase synergy effects for the provider and the customer. To improve customer value different business models are implemented.